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About Us

Our roots in the rug business go back to 1894, when our family founded a small lumber, furniture, and rug store in the Midwest. As the years went on, we became more and more interested in the fine hand-knotted rug business, so finally in 1990 we decided to close our furniture store to put 100% of our efforts in the rug business. Our plan was to work with fine furniture stores all over the United States to sell our fine rugs through them, which became our passion through the years.
We love the fine rug business because each rug is a work of art, and yet so much more. Families raise their own wool from their herds of sheep, hand-spin their own wool to make the threads, hand-make their own dyes from vegetation they raise, draw their own unique designs and patterns, hand-knot each piece on a loom they create from scratch, and finish and quality-check each piece by hand to make sure it is as perfect as possible.
Today we have over 100,000 hand-knotted and hand-loomed rugs from countries like India, Pakistan, China, Iran, Tibet, Nepal, Turkey, Afghanistan, and even more, and specialize in the finest one-of-kind hand-knotted pieces. We have many thousand to choose from online, but so many more available too. We have all styles from traditional designs, more monochromatic transitional looks, to the newest unique contemporary weaves with a myriad of colors, and many different price points to fit any budget. We believe in a unique diversity of rugs to help our clients sell to many different types of customers, and we cater to fine furniture stores and interior designers all over the US.
We would love to help you and your customers find your passion in our fine rugs! 
Here is a small sample of the Fine Furniture Stores we have worked with all over the USA :
Stickley Audi
Lillian August
Ethan Allen
Louis Shanks
Country Willow
Hamilton Park
Home Inspirations
Pittsburg Design Center